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What is Green Clothing & Eco-Fashion

Eco-Fashion and Green Clothing

When we think of going green, we usually do not think of green clothing or the newest trend called eco-fashion. Green clothing is a fairly new way of looking at how our clothes are made, where they come from, how sustainable are the materials and saving our environment are all key components. 

Eco-fashion or green clothing go hand in hand and sometimes are interchangeable, but eco-fashion encompasses green clothing along with accessories and dives deeper into the chemicals, materials, and environment where the apparel is produced. 

There are several different types of green clothing and eco-fashion which are organic fashion and vegan fashion where the materials and processes are unique to the normal fashion world. With organic fashion apparel the use of non-chemically infused fibers grown on organic farms confirmed by organizations that test the plants on farms and other facilities. 

Vegan fashion takes into account the accessories such as belts and purses that use alternatives to animal products such as leather and alligator skin. The use of cork leather and hand made products like hand spun yarn garments and hand woven apparel are all alternatives to the non-green other options in the fashion world today.

Eco-Fashion and Green Clothing

Definition of True Green Clothing

Clothes that are truly green and all natural have certain criteria they need to meet. The need for the clothing to be made of organic material that is created using chemical-free dyes and fibers is very important. There also needs to be a sustainability factor to the materials used. For example; using cork for a purse instead of leather because the Cork tree can regenerate its bark, so it is a sustainable material. 

The use of recycled materials and non-toxic raw materials such as cotton not treated with chemicals helps the environment and health of the individual wearing the garment. Using dyes free of chemicals such as vegetable oil dyes is important to be truly green clothes

Saving our environment is, of course, the main reason to go green so taking into account the manufacturing process when producing the clothing and how much it is polluting the environment will help you understand if your clothes are eco-friendly. The working environment is also taken seriously when manufacturing green clothing and workers in a sweat-free shop and great wages are very important to eco-fashion lovers.

Green Clothing Co Sustainability

Embrace the Trends

While eco-fashion and green clothing is not really a new fashion trend, it has taken some time to get to the mainstream. Now you probably won’t see it hitting any fashion show runways anytime soon, but be aware that it is one of the fashion trends today due to the need to save our planet from destruction.

Understanding eco-fashion and the trends surrounding green clothing will help consumers make better choices when it comes to their apparel needs. There is always an alternative when it comes to saving our environment.

Here at Green Clothing Co. we try to use all sustainable and eco-friendly processes at every stage of production as well as how we do business. We partner with some of the best environmental consultants so we can do everything we can to help the world be a better place and limit our footprint as much as possible.

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